Coming Up On Episode 2 (2.27.17)

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I started this show and released Episode 1 (2.20.17) with the title Barça USA. After some careful thought on the matter, I’ve changed it to Barça Talk. The purpose of the show is to bring Barça fans together, and the old name felt like it was shutting out a lot of fans. So, from now on the show is called simply Barça Talk.

In The Next Episode

If All Goes Well—Leo Messi is one win away from 400 wins with Barça. We’re hoping, and planning, on celebrating his 400th win on Monday’s show.


News and Murmurs—Barça have been getting hit pretty badly in the press for the poor showing against Paris Saint-Germain FC and a narrow win against Leganés that was too close for any kind of comfort, especially against such a weak side. Naturally, rumors of Messi leaving the club, Enrique getting the boot, and every right back in Spain being considered to replace Vidal are swirling. I’ll talk about the major stories and say a few words about all the speculation.

Match Review: FCB v. Atletico Madrid—Even in their best form, the Blaugrana will have a formidable opponent at the Calderon. I’m going to leave the highlights to the networks and the YouTubers and focus on individual players and look at tactical issues in the match.

Match Preview—We look ahead to the upcoming matches against Sporting Gijon and Celta.

A Culer Is Born, Part One—I got into this a little bit in Episode 1, but I’m going to tell you how, at the age of 32, I went from being an anti-sport artist type to a committed Barça fanatic artist type. In this episode of the show, I’ll give you part one of three.

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