2 (2.27.17) – Win at the Calderón, Match Previews, Culer Stories


We’ve made some changes to the show. Most importantly, we’ve renamed it to simply Barça Talk. The former name, Barça USA, felt like it was shutting out a lot of people. So, we’re back with week 2 and a show that’s only going to keep getting better.

In This Episode

Barça News Roundup—There’s a lot of news every week, some of it useful and some of it is wild speculation and gossip. We sort through some of the more major news items, and say a word about all the other stuff.

Match Review: FCB-ATL—It was a hard match. We focus our commentary on the tactical element of the game and focus on Sergi Roberto and Luis Suárez.

Match Previews—We look to the week ahead. Barça have two games coming up, against Sporting Gijon and Celta. We’ll take a look at each matchup.

Culer Stories—A culer is an ordinary Barça fan, distinct from a member of the club or one of its penyes. Read the history This segment is what makes Barça Talk more than a sports show.

A Culer Is Born, Part One

At the age of 32 years, I became a culer. Up until then, I was mostly a sensitive artist type with a strong disinterest in sports. Now, I’m a sensitive artist type who loves the Blaugrana hasta la muerte. This is the story of how all that changed. The full story is about 15 minutes long, so I’ve split it up into three short segments. This is Part One.


Sources for this episode

Ben Hayward provides some context for the latest news concerning fraud/corruption charges on goal.com

Paul Staunton lays out an argument for why it might be mutually beneficial to both parties if Leo Messi were to leave the club, on goal.com

David Clarke, writing for totalbarca.com, takes the position that Messi will never leave Barça for another club except to return to his childhood club, Newell’s Old Boys.

Luis Mazariegos, writing for barcablaugranes.com, predicted the back three that Lucho deployed for the game against Atletico. Good call, Luis!

Additional audio for this episode was found on freesound.org 

Kids playing (link to file on freesound.org): Copyright Travis Morgan, used by permission of the Creative Commons Attribution License.

Crowd noise (link to file on freesound.org): Used by permission of the Creative Commons 0 License.

Whistle (link to file on freesound.org): Copyright Pablo F., used by permission of the Creative Commons Attribution License.

Forca Barça: Copyright FC Barcelona.

All other content written and produced by Brien Henderson, Copyright © 2017 Brien Henderson.


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