9 (4.17.17) Miscues in Turin | Paco Delivers | El Cláscio Preview


In this episode, we address the explosions in Dortmund, then move on to lighter news, including the possibility of Deulofeu coming back to Barcelona and weighing the pros and cons of Neymar’s three-game ban. We recap the standings at the top of La Liga, review the Juventus match, the Sociedad, match, look ahead to the second quarter-final leg with Juventus, and talk about El Clásico.

8 (4.10.17) Mixed Results | Match Fixing | Rafinha Injury | Juventus Ahead


In this episode of Barça Talk, we talk about Rafinha’s most recent injury, a brewing match-fixing scandal in the Segunda B Division, review Barça’s results in La Liga, and look ahead to the Champions League and Real Sociedad.


7 (4.3.17) La Liga returns


(This was not posted on time, but for the sake of consistency I’m posting it now —BH)

In this episode of Barça Talk, we check in with FCB femení in their Champions League campaign, clue you in to Barça B’s historic 12-goal win over Eldense, review the first team’s match against Granada, and look ahead to Sevilla and Malaga.

5 (3.20.17) Barça Defeat Valencia | International Break | An Unlikely Culer, Part Three


In this episode of Barça Talk, I review Sunday’s match between FC Barcelona and Valencia, talk about diving, and refereeing. Also, I review the current status of the top of La Liga, take a brief look at some upcoming World Cup qualifiers, and I finish off my personal story of becoming a Barça fan, “An Unlikely Culer.”


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Coming up in Episode 5 (3.20.17)

With no matches at midweek, we’re looking forward to Sunday’s clash with Valencia. Hopes are high for Barça fans that the Blaugrana will come away with three points and keep moving up the table. We’re rooting for Athletic Bilbao to slow down Real Madrid. It would help in the Barcelona campaign.

However the Valencia match goes, we’ll talk about the game and the result.

After Sunday’s match, the international break will begin and we’ll take a look at some of the upcoming World Cup qualifying matches where FC Barcelona players will have a role.

Finishing off this episode will be the conclusion to “An Unlikely Culer”, my personal story of how I shifted from having a strong anti-sport attitude to being a superfan of FC Barcelona.

El Clásico in Miami, FL

Surely, you’ve heard by now that a friendly El Clásico will be played in Miami, FL this summer. The match is set for July 29. Tickets go on sale Monday, March 20 at 10am (not sure which time zone that’s for). The video on the sight is pretty fun. The narration is the voice of Rivalry, and there’s one line in it that gave me gooseflesh!

“This game, this confrontation: Barcelona and Real Madrid. It is my crowning achievement.” —Rivalry

4 (3.13.17) Remuntada revisited, Deportivo review, Valencia preview


In This Episode

  • Basking in the glory of an improbable comeback.
  • Deportivo loss
  • Liga update
  • Valencia next week


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Tears of Joy

© Tatjana Pilate | Dreamstime.com

I’ve already gotten on the mic and recorded my initial feelings about the historic comeback (remuntada) Barcelona mounted against PSG in the Champions League. I’ll need some time to edit that down and put together something more coherent for the next episode, and it will be a celebration! For now, I’m enjoying this moment and still tearing up a little here and there.

I love FC Barcelona, not because they win, but because they play a beautiful game. Sure, that wasn’t true in the first leg, but the second leg was one of the most impressive displays I’ve ever seen from the Blaugrana. The game itself was not necessarily one of the greatest games, but I’ll get into what I mean by that on Monday’s episode.

Enjoy this moment, because Barça made history today. No matter what happens next, nobody can deny that they are the best in the world.

Força Barça!  Visca el Barça!

3 (3.6.17) – GOALS, GOALS, GOALS!!!! Enrique announces his departure, PSG is in for it! Culer Stories: An Unlikely Culer, Part 2.


In This Episode

Thanks to the folks at Més Que in Buffalo for letting us record some of this episode there.

Barça News—I only wanted to talk through my feelings about Luis Enrique’s announcement, so that’s what I did.

Match Reviews: Sporting and Celta—It seems 3-4-3 is really working for the Blaugrana, and Messi has a furious spark in his legs right now.

Match Previews—We look to the week ahead. Barça have two games coming up: the all-important 2nd leg of the UCL Round of 16 against PSG, and Deportivo in La Liga.

Culer Stories—A culer is an ordinary Barça fan, distinct from a member of the club or one of its penyes. Read the history This segment is what makes Barça Talk more than a sports show.

An Unlikely Culer, Part 2

At the age of 32 years, I became a culer. Up until then, I was mostly a sensitive artist type with a strong disinterest in sports. Now, I’m a sensitive artist type who loves the Blaugrana hasta la muerte. This is the story of how all that changed. The full story is about 15 minutes long, so I’ve split it up into three short segments. This is Part Two. Part One is on Episode 2.


Additional audio for this episode was found on freesound.org 

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Coming up in Episode 3 (3.6.17)


I’m still processing the news that Luis Enrique has announced he will not be returning to manage Barça next year. No doubt, this will feature heavily in the News segment of Monday’s episode. It might even be the only news item I talk about.

But also in this next episode: GOALS, GOALS, GOALS!!!!!!!

Match Reviews

Since I’m not an expert, but just a devoted fan with a microphone, I don’t like to get into highlight commentary or play-by-play descriptions of events in the games. I prefer to focus on one area of the team. In episode 2, it was the midfield. In this next episode I’ll review the two matches against Sporting and Celta, looking closely at the forwards.

Culer Stories

An Unlikely Culer, Part Two—This is my own personal, confessional story of how Barça changed my life. I’ve been assembling the story week by week—it wasn’t fully formed prior to recording it—and I’ve finally figured out its proper title: An Unlikely Culer. This is part two of my story—Part One was in Episode 2 (2.27.17).