Between the Sticks: Let’s Talk Goalkeepers

Barça Talk: Converting a Real Madrid Fan | Club News | Las Palmas | Eibar

In the most recent episode of Barça Talk, I sat down with my friend Matt Williams. Matt is a music scholar now, but he also spent several years as a goalkeeper. Growing up in Indiana, Matt saw the work of Peter Schmeichel playing for Manchester United on a “101 Best Saves” video.

Peter Schmeichel

Somehow, around the same time as he was fawning over Schmeichel’s aggressive and intimidating goalkeeping, Matt succumbed to the marketing of Real Madrid in the Galacticos era and became a fan of Los Blancos, even to this day when he doesn’t follow the game as much as he used to. I suggested he check out Marc-André ter Stegen playing for Barcelona. Happily, Matt was open to it. In fact, he asked me to make a case for him to  support FC Barcelona. I think I could have done a better job than I did, but it was a fun conversation anyway.

Marc-André ter Stegen